Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this system helping me to lose weight?
Not necessarily, Bocaru is a nutritious and balanced food system that offers a menu with the correct daily caloric intake which includes ingredients from all food groups. If you already have a suitable weight for your age and complexion, Bocaru will help you to maintain it, and will also take care of your intake of sugar, fats, sodium, fiber, vitamins, keeping your body healthy. If you are looking to lose weight, you should consult a nutritionist and combine a good diet with physical exercise and a proper rest.
If I consult a nutritionist, can you prepare my meal plan for me?
No, Bocaru already has a defined meal plan based on nutritional recommendations. Unfortunately, we cannot cook specific plans.
How can I cancel an order?
You can contact us to make the cancellation. Consider it has to be done 48hrs previous to the delivery date.
Can I order a menu or a dish to be delivered in the same day?
No, unfortunately we do not provide this type of service, we plan in advance to ensure that you receive the dishes in the best conditions, to guarantee their nutritional content, so you can have the best eating experience.
What happens if Im not at home to receive my meals?
You can contact us through chat and we will notify the delivery man who with and where to deliver your package